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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I can’t get to Twist by 7:00 p.m. so can I join my group later?
    Yes! All crawlers will receive a color coded itinerary. When groups of 25 to 75 have signed in, they will follow their leader to the scheduled venues. Friends can purchase their pass and join your team from the leader at any stop (or see below).

    Registration is at Twist 6:30pm till 9:00pm.

    After 9pm group leaders will still sell passes. Look for leaders with ID at participating venues.

  2. What does the entry fee get me?
    The $12.00 tax deductible donation that benefits four charities gives you free admission to all scheduled venues, varied drink specials, some complementary snacks and free entertainment, not to mention all the new folks and business contacts you can meet.
  3. Can I purchase food?
    Yes! Many of the pub crawl stops offer full menus as well as very reasonable quick items that travel well. The downtown is full of restaurants and coffee shops and food carts may be available with even veggie options.
  4. Do I have to stay with my starting crawl group and how long are the stops?
    Continuing the crawl with your group is fun and ensures you get to visit the vast variety of venues offered in Ferndale. Most stops are about 20 minutes. If you have just purchased your drink when the whistle blows to move on, you may choose to stay and catch up to your group at a later stop. Your group will run into other groups as the night progresses, another chance to make new friends. You might decide to change groups in order to hang out with others.

    There are not many set rules, except:

    • You probably DON’T want to DRINK AT EVERY STOP –There are a lot of venues to visit. PACE YOURSELF.
    • CROSS THE STREET WITH THE LIGHT – NO JAY- WALKING. The welcoming Ferndale police will help us cross.
    • MEET NEW PEOPLE, BE FRIENDLY and be respectful to the diverse participants.
  5. But what if I am too drunk to drive?
    USE OUR SPORSORS – UBER, FREE FIRST RIDE for the Ferndale Pub Crawl, enter promo code – FERNDALECRAWL

    Up to $25 off, NEW USERS ONLY – NOT VALID ON TAXI.

    Most of all – be safe and HAVE FUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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